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1.10ct Orangish Yellow Sapphire

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Gemstone - Sapphire

Weight - 1.10ct

Colour - Yellow

Colour Type - Orange Yellow

Shape - Emerald Cut

Dimensions - 7.10 x 4.89 x 3.02mm

Treatment - Standard Heat treatment 

Origin - Sri Lanka 

Clarity - Eye Clean

Lab Report - CGL

Product ID - YELSAP014

Comment - Beautiful Fanta Orange/Yellow Sapphire

Clarity & Cut

Inclusions in natural coloured gem stones are a positive sign to differentiate them from man-made materials. Clarity of a gemstone is one of the price-determinating factors, alongside with colour, cut, and carat weight.  Normally in a fine gem inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. In cheaper stone inclusions can be obvious from a certain angle.  We photograph all stones from different angles with no editing to show the maximum interior. However, you may reveal more internal features when you study the stone thoroughly. Having said that, the closest to seeing the real gem would be a video, so you can always request us to offer a short clip under natural light to help you decide better. 

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